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Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

For new members just getting started – Learn the advantages of being an advertiser or publisher in this in-depth look at the platform! http:/

For Advertisers…

The primary audience of people you can reach using Viral Nugget are users who are hungry for home business opportunities, advertising, or other marketing resources and tools.

Viral Nugget is a powerful traffic system that will get exposure to your banner and text ads across hundreds of websites using free ad impressions or CPC Ads. Free Ad impressions can be earned by being a publisher (see publishers section below), referring others who are publishers, reading email ads (a small number of impressions are rewarded), or monthly free impressions through having an upgraded account. Ad Impressions cannot be bought. Instead, if you do not have any impressions, you should add funds to your account to take advantage of our CPC ads. Each impression means one display of your ad regardless of clicks, when using impressions you are not charged for clicks. Ad impressions are used automatically, you do not need to assign them, they will just be used towards any active ad that you have set up. The best way to get the most exposure is to both upgrade your account and add CPC Funds so your ads will never stop running.

What are CPC Ads?

CPC Ads are banner and text ads at a Cost Per Click (CPC). You only pay when your ad is clicked by a legitimate person. For CPC Ads to be active you must assign funds to your campaigns and have no remaining free ad impressions in your account. Free Ad Impressions will ALWAYS be used first, so when impressions are used and a user clicks on your ad you will not be charged. When CPC Ads are active (no impressions available and you have funds assigned) then you will get UNLIMITED impressions for free and you will be charged when someone clicks on your banner or text ad that you have CPC funds assigned. The amount you are charged depends on the geographic location of the user clicking on your ad. CPC ads only apply to banner and text ads, not email ads.

Want to know the rates?


The rates are Here:


What are Email Ads?

Email Ads are email messages that are sent to thousands of our users who have chosen to receive offers. To do this you either use mailing credits or send email ads for free by being an upgraded user here at Viral Nugget. As a member of Viral Nugget you also have the option to receive email ads from advertisers. If you don’t want them, feel free to unsubscribe from them and you will still be able to use the rest of your account as normal. However, receiving email ads is great for most because it allows you to earn free mailing credits and ad impressions just by reading them.

What are Login Ads?

Login ads display to our users in full view when they log in. If they stay on the site long enough, they get a free reward which may be mailing credits, login credits, or free ad impressions.

For Publishers…

If you control a website where you can place an ad block, then you can earn money and free ad impressions! Our ad blocks come in all sizes to fit any site and you can choose to display text ads, or both image (banner) and text ads!  Place the Ad Block Code on your site and you will earn 70% revenue share. This means when an advertiser spends 10 cents for a click that came from your site, you earn 7 cents! Just don’t try to create fraudulent clicks or click on your own ad blocks – we will detect and ban you.

As a publisher (someone who places our ads on their site) you also earn free ad impressions when someone clicks on an ad from your published ad block, down 5 levels of referrals. This means even if you are not a publisher yourself but you refer publishers, you will earn free ad impressions when clicks come from their website. Here are the current rewards:

Level 1 (your own ad blocks): 125 Ad Impressions per click
Level 2 (your direct referral ad blocks): 50 Ad Impressions per click
Level 3, 4, and 5: 25 Ad Impressions per click

Don’t forget you also earn 40% recurring commissions when your direct referrals upgrade to any membership, so promoting Viral Nugget is really rewarding!

To your success,

Darren Olander





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